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Session Duration and Rates

During a typical session, I work with students for either 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

My hourly rate for remote sessions via Zoom is $100 per hour - for instance, $150 per 90-minute session or $100 per 60-minute session.

My hourly rate for face-to-face sessions is $110 per hour - for instance, $165 per 90-minute session or $110 per 60-minute session.

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports are prorated at a rate of $60 per hour, according to the time I spend on preparing them. I typically spend between 10 and 20 minutes writing a given report.

In this report, I will include a recap of the session as well as challenges faced, indications of progress, and if appropriate, recommendations for further study.

This report is typically the primary means by which I communicate to the parents / guardians and to the student about ow the sessions are going. I typically include info on how any study plans are being implemented, how long-term projects are being chunked and managed, what difficulties are persisting, what victories can be conveyed and what between-session skill-building I recommend.

Other Support Services

Optional support services — e.g. phone calls, email exchanges, or other electronic communication that goes beyond scheduling and logistics - are prorated according to the time spent on them at a support services rate of $60 per hour.

Creation of support materials, such as study guides, diagrams, or illustrations, are prorated at $80 per hour.

Optional urgent support services, such as between-session email, text or phone calls that require same-day attention are prorated at the cost of a remote session - $100 per hour.