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Below are my testimonials, some of which are from my prior work with Lexington Tutoring. The contact info of a testimonial author is available upon request.

It has been so nice getting to know you and you have been a wonderful tutor and mentor to our senior.

Will most definitely be reaching out if he needs additional help, especially as he transitions to college.

Hopkinton parent of a high school senior (4/27/22)

This year, our junior who is in a private school, has been working with Nevin for AP Computer Science and Kaila for the ACT. In both cases, the tutoring sessions are so well organized and clearly articulated which allows our daughter to clearly understand and retain concepts required to do her best. Both Nevin and Kaila are outstanding tutors and they provide such well written notes which our daughter refers to outside of the tutoring session. Nevin’s and Kaila’s tutoring methods provide a high level of encouragement and confidence to our daughter, which as parents we appreciate so much.

Nora, Thank you being so thoughtful about recommending such great tutors for our daughters. You have the best we’ve worked with.

a Belmont parent of a junior at a private school (5/26/21)

Nevin was terrific - very professional and right on target for our shy 9th grader. I appreciate your fitting us in at the last minute!

a Winchester parent of a sophomore (1/30/16)

First let me thank you for facilitating our request and for recommending Nevin for our situation. Nevin turned out to be a fantastic tutor for our daughter. She relates well to his teaching style. Nevin was very professional and focused on our goal of getting our daughter as ready as possible for the ISEE test. He applied the right challenge level and although a lot of material was covered, Nevin was never too demanding or pushy with our daughter He was able to quickly recognize some areas of inexperience with her skills in both the math, vocabulary and writing and was able to hone in on those areas. The report assessments were extremely accurate.

Nevin's approach made it easy for our daughter to be comfortable letting him know what she did not understand as they progressed through the exercises. He applied patience in the right places and repetition as needed. At the same time it was never dull and he would use great real world examples applied to the materials so that correct context could be associated.

Nevin was able to build a rapport with our daughter and she was receptive to that. It was certainly a lot of work to cover but our daughter prepared for the 2 weekly sessions because she was sure she would be learning so much each time with Nevin.

Mother of a Lexington 6th grader applying to Beaver Country Day School (1/10/19)

We want to thank you for working with our senior this year. This was a challenging year for all the high school seniors, with applications and extracurricular commitments, all while trying to learn remotely. Your work with our son throughout the year has truly supplemented the formal instruction, which we believe really helped him understand the material much more completely. The result was an exceptional year for him!

Thank you again for your time and commitment to our son’s education.

a Weston parent of a high school senior (5/13/21)

As you probably know, SAT II scores were released today. Our daughter texted me (I was at the gym) because she thought she might be confusing her reported score. She wasn’t. She scored an 800 on the exam!

Thank you so much to the both of you ñ we know what incredible work you did with our daughter and, obviously, it paid off! In a year that was marked with a lot of teacher turnover and uncertainty, Nevin’s’ assistance was invaluable.

PS sent a few weeks later:

Our daughter scored an 800 on the SAT II Biology exam, 5’s on BOTH the Biology and World History AP exams, and an A in AP Bio. Thank you again!

Parent of a Lexington High School rising junior

Nevin - thank you for all your help with our son. He really enjoyed working with you and feels he benefited greatly from the sessions.

Winchester parents of a Dexter School 9th grader (8/21/18)

Nevin was a terrific coach who was instrumental in turning around my son's interest and performance in a demanding AP Biology class. He was not only thorough in his knowledge, he was also a fabulous and engaging teacher. His feedback following every class helped me stay connected with what happened during the session.

a Newton parent (11/16/13)

Nevin, I know I've thanked you in person, but I wanted to offer an official email thank you for all your work with our son over the year. Your help has been invaluable, and it was particularly helpful that you were flexible about being able to coach a variety of material. My husband and I appreciate your time and dedication.

a Lexington parent (2/12/12)

Thank you so much for all the help from Nevin! He has been great, and our son has grown in confidence and ability.

a Lexington parent (2/2/18)

Thank Nevin very much. We are grateful for all the help! Our son enjoyed working with Nevin and learned a lot from him. Also, Nevin is truly a role model for him.

a Lexington parent (5/17/14)

Hi Nora,

I cannot thank you and Nevin for all the support you have provided our son and me. I see him now being much more organized and responsible overall, not just in his schoolwork. Hope everything is well on your side, and wish you the very best until we talk again.

Nevin, we truly appreciate all the work you have been doing with our son. Not only are his grades good, he appears a lot more organized with his time and things recently. I used to dread looking into his school bag because of the poorly managed folders and paperwork. I actually exclaimed out loud yesterday when I saw how neat his organization is now. THANK YOU!

a Lexington parent (11/13/19)

Lexington Tutoring and Nevin Katz in particular have been fantastic. They have been very flexible with scheduling and Nevin explains the Biology AP material incredibly well.

a Weston parent (1/26/12)

Nevin, thanks SO much for your kind words and for all your help this year! It surely was a memorable year with all the tasks required! One thing that gave her calm was being on top of her homework, especially math, so thanks. We will see what next year brings at Concord Academy. I am going to give her a chance to start and see what she needs from there. We will certainly keep you in mind should she require tutoring. Thanks again, and we hope to see you again!

Lexington mother of a Concord Academy rising freshman (5/22/17)

I would like to thank you and Nevin for the excellent services you have provided. Thanks for being professional and efficient. Nevin has been most helpful in tutoring our daughter on her math and science subjects. He made learning fun and less stressful for her. I also appreciate his detailed weekly reports which reflected his well organized efforts. We couldn't have come through high school without him.

Many thanks!

A parent of a Lexington High School graduating senior (5/20/16)

When I first called Lexington Tutoring I was very apprehensive whether they were going to help me achieve a passing score on the Biology MTEL I committed to the tutoring sessions with Nevin, and found that he explained the content clearly, and related the material in a way I could retain it.

I not only passed the MTEL, I overachieved in every category from my previous results. The best five words I read were ìyou met the qualifying score. I highly recommend using Lexington Tutoring.

Jeremy Kennefick, MEd. | Mattapoisett, Massachusetts (2/3/18)

I had a good close out session with Nevin on Saturday and feel much more confident heading into the GRE this Friday. Nevin is exceptionally well rounded in all subject areas, has a terrific depth of knowledge regarding standardized test construct and is very effective at developing personalized preparation and test taking strategies. He was a joy to work with, very amicable, good sense of humor and very professional.

Jonathan Cash | Concord, MA (10/19/13)

I'm so sorry that I forgot to let you know how well our daughter did on her SAT. Only when I wrote myself a note to contact you about the literature (and maybe French?) subject test did I realize. Math 700, Reading 730, Writing 750. I did try to get her to sign up for the May test and give it one more try, but she is happy with those scores.

She does need to take one more subject test and I'm reasonably certain that it will be the Literature test, though still considering the French test. We are really just looking for 4 sessions if that's possible. Given how much our daughter is able to accomplish with your tutors, I absolutely think four sessions would be worthwhile, even though less than ideal.

Winchester parent (5/27/12)

Thanks again to Nevin who has given our daughter the guidance and fine tuning she needed. We think you guys are the best and have the knowledge to tutor kids.

Thanks again!

Shrewsbury parent (4/19/14)

Happy Holidays!! I just wanted to let you know that Chris passed his Earth Science MTEL!! This nightmare is over. Thank you so much. Well worth the money.

Maldent parent (11/8/12)

I just wanted to thank you so much for the tutoring help that you provided to me. I passed my MTEL Biology test and am now licensed!! This achievement will broaden many career opportunities for me as a science educator! Thanks again! Have a wonderful summer!

Chantal Meserve | Hudson, MA (2/13/12)

I just want to say that I am very pleased with Nevin. He's a very knowledgeable and kind person. The way he teaches makes chemistry more enjoyable. Could you please let Nevin know how much I appreciated his time, patience and kindness and that I learned a lot with him?

Giselle Kiefor | Watertown, MA (7/15/11)

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